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 There are a ton of things you may be thinking day to day that are absolutely blocking you from seeing results. Even if you aren’t saying these things out loud- if you are thinking them, they are halting your progress.

Keep an eye on your thoughts and see if any of these resonate.

#1- I need to lose weight.

Or if you have lost weight “But I have a long way to go! Or, not there yet!”

With law of attraction, keep in mind that like attracts like. When you continuously say “I need to lose weight” you are going to keep coming up against situations or obstacles that stop you from actually seeing results. When you always say I need to lose weight → you are bringing in the energy of there is always more to go, you are never there yet, and that is what is going to keep showing up in your reality. You’ll never see results because you are attracting the results of “I need to lose weight” which makes you feel less than, not good enough, and overall just very unhappy with where you are (not conducive to manifesting!).

With manifestation and making it into a real life change, you want to start LOVING your body where it is (which I know sounds backwards) to bring in amazing results and enjoy the journey along the way.

Play with the energy of saying “I need to lose weight”

Vs. “I am so grateful for this body, and I’m a bad-ass shifting into my dream body”

How different does that feel? Everything is energy, and your thoughts are creating the feelings which are bringing the energy into your body! You want to choose a better feeling thought!

#2 - I’ve only seen results when I do x,y,z so I must have to do that again to see results” Here, you are literally creating a belief that the only way you will see results is if you do that thing. I want you to remember that your mindset is creating your reality! Just because you’ve seen results from that (and if you gained it back, those aren’t results) doesn’t mean that a new way of looking at it isn’t going to work. It’s your belief that is the problem here, not your body.

Instead, creating a new belief around “Whatever I put my mindset around is what is going to work perfectly for me” is an amazing way to think and will give you so much freedom. For example, my belief is that “I can eat whatever I want and maintain my weight” and it became my reality.

#3 - “I am so bad, I ate x today!”

By calling yourself bad around eating a certain thing, you are creating a shit ton of

morality around food, resistance and guilt in your body and crappy feelings that aren’t going to result in weight loss!

We need to stop making food GOOD and BAD. Your emotions and vibrations are affecting how the food is absorbed into your body. Ever wonder how that thin friend can eat whatever she wants and never gain a pound or feel anything about it? Because her beliefs are creating that reality.

If you eat a donut, and the entire time you feel rushed, guilty, sick, ashamed and that you are going to gain weight- THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

If you eat a donut and feel happy, high vibe, excited and like it’s adding joy to your life- THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

For my more scientific peeps: Your emotions are affecting the hormones that are released in your body. If you are in a chronic state of stress (or the stress I described above) you are literally increasing the chronic release of glucocorticoid hormones that increase fat storage and weight gain.

Even just reducing your stress around food and learning new coping mechanisms will shift your body.

#4- “I hate my body”

Hating your body is only going to lead to more hating your body. I know you think that you need to hate it into weight loss, and you won’t lose weight if you love your body, but the opposite is true.

Let me ask you this- if you are someone that hates her body;

Have you EVER lost weight and felt happy? My guess is you still weren’t satisfied but if you were....

Did you keep it off? Probably not if you are reading this blog post! You didn’t keep it off because if you continue to hate your body you are going to keep creating a situation where you hate it. Either due to weight gain, or loose skin, or being sick all the time, or your skin breaking out, or something else.

You’ll trade it in for another problem that causes you to hate your body.

When you shift to self love- you are literally living in the highest vibration and frequency possible which is what allows manifestations (ie: your dream body) to come to life! If you are wearing clothes that make you feel amazing and confident, and feeling gratitude for your body- you are;

a) going to be in a better mood and not needing to cope with food

b) keeping those stress hormones at bay so you can easily metabolize food, and build lean muscle!

Try loving your body into weight loss, and I guarantee you’ll start to see results SO MUCH faster!

Thanks for reading!


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