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Down below I'm breaking down my top Manifestation Techniques and Processes that have lead to mind blowing results! You can apply these to any area, and start to see progress right away. 

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The key of getting into a flow state with manifesting, is mastering the balance between appreciating where you are, and eagerly anticipating what's coming!

If you can keep your feet firmly planted in the celebration side and in excited anticipation of whats coming, you are GOLDEN.

It's when we start taking stock too soon (ie: looking around at the current reality) and then focussing in on what hasn't happened yet- we stop the flow of magic. I have done this myself far too many times! Are you comparing to where you want to be, or are you rooted in appreciation and anticipation?

I've heard so many teachers talk about this before- and it's huge. It's a big key to getting into that flow state. Abraham Hicks says "The perfect creative stance is satisfaction where I am, and eagerness for more." Melanie Ann Layer talks about  "the walk of gratitude and desire" one foot planted in gratitude and the other walking towards the desire.

I'm adding my own to the mix, where you are in so much appreciation for where you are, and in anticipation of what's to come! I think of anticipation as like the countdown to Christmas, or a vacation. I like anticipation because it typically means you KNOW something is coming- you are in excitement and eagerness for it to arrive- but you also know you can't change the timing.

This is so key with manifestation! If you can get into so much appreciation for where you are, while anticipating (positive expectation) of what's to come- you are in the PERFECT PLACE.


Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. One the top of one side write "Appreciation" on the top of the other side write "Anticipation". You can go either specific or general with this- it really depends on where you are at vibrationally with the desire. So perhaps you want to focus on your body. Can you get into a state of GENUINE (key word here) appreciation for different aspects of your health and body? Then feel free to stay specific! If trying to come up with things you appreciate about your body is just bringing up more resistance - then skip it. Go more general and you will still be raising your vibration! Focus on just your life in general instead and as you start to feel better around your life- later on you can come back to body! 

Under the Appreciation heading- just fill the page with things you appreciate around the topic, or in general. Get into a true state of appreciation- that is the most important thing! Feel the appreciation filling your body.

Under the Anticipation heading - what are all the things you are excited to come into your reality? What are the desires you are anticipating are on their way? What are you eager for? What will be so cool to witness? 

Repeat this exercise as often as possible on a variety of topics for incredible results; especially if you are noticing yourself coming into comparison or looking at lack of results.   


This process has changed my life and the lives of so many others. We call it Mind Magic, and we do have a quarterly Membership you can join the community and share your lists everyday, as well as receive weekly coaching and inspiration during "Wine and Wisdom" where we chat all things manifestation and mindset! Check it out here. 

I'm not going to describe the entire process but just give you guys a portion of it to start trying and seeing the magic happen! 

What we focus on expands- and all too often we tend to focus on what's NOT working in order to change it. This only makes this worse! The best thing you can do, is train your brain to notice all the little amazing things happening and celebrate them! The more you do this, the more you'll see come into your reality. 


Create a notes app on your phone- and at the beginning of each day, create an open list from 1-10. Ex:


Then, the goal is to take note of ANYTHING positive that occurs throughout your day and celebrate it! Again, you can get more specific and focus in on body or business, or just go general if those bring up too much resistance. 

At first, your things will be very small. Don't worry about it- keep taking note! For example if you are focussed on body it might look like...

1. Had a positive thought when I looked in the mirror this morning! 
2. I felt pretty energized when I worked out today
3. I drank almost 2L of water!
4. I am enjoying looking for good things in my body
5. I appreciate so much the fact that I can breathe and move and walk and have so much freedom
6. I love that I have comfy clothes that make me feel good
7. I am having a GREAT hair day
8. I did a visualization when I woke up this morning around my dream body! 
9. I saw evidence on Tara's Blog that manifesting my dream body is possible 
10. I honoured my hunger and fullness 80% of the time today, yay! 

As you move forward and continue to focus on what's working- you will notice them getting more significant and results based. But don't get caught up on results and then start comparing and taking stock (see #1!) just keep on going with whatever you can find each day. The more you train your brain to do this, the better it gets. You'll notice something positive and then feel excited about adding it to your list! THIS is the best place to be- because you are enjoying the journey and the process and training your brain to focus on what IS working. 

This manifestation process is truly life changing! 


Scripting is a powerful AF manifestation process (check out my blog post detailing some of my epic stories and scripting examples here) that helps you get into the vibration of your desires and gets your subconscious on board! Your subconscious is so powerful, the more we can train it to start living in the new reality - the more it works to make this new reality... an actual reality! 


Grab your journal, and simply write about a manifestation as if it's already done. Don't worry about getting into too much detail about "how" it happened- simply focus on the final outcome! How does it feel to have your manifestation be your reality? What's next for you? Get into all the juicy feelings and pretend you are writing it out in your journal after the fact. The most important thing is to feel the vibe and feelings! Make this a fun activity that you can get into flow with. 


Visualization is such an incredibly powerful tool. I utilized visualization a lot when I was manifesting my dream body, and ended up losing 35lbs effortlessly, without dieting! (For more information check out the all the Dream Body Resources inside a free week inside the Membership!). 

I also used this when I was manifesting my soulmate, running a marathon, going to a retreat in Bali, paying off credit cards... You can apply visualization to anything! 


Create a quick "mind movie" signifying that your manifestation has come true, in first person. For example for dream body I saw myself getting dressed in the morning in my walk in closet and seeing my body in the mirror (not only did I manifest the body, but I also manifested the walk in closet!). For my soulmate- I visualized falling asleep head on my loves chest and him kissing me on the forehead and telling me he loved me- and me feeling so certain and in love! For paying off my credit card, it was logging into my online banking and paying it off in full! 

All of these things happened after a few visualization sessions (the body took a bit more time but it was quite fast!)

Try to visualize as you fall asleep each night for the most powerful effect on the subconscious mind! 

These are my favourite processes, but I have so many more that you can find inside the Membership! 

I hope you enjoyed this post.. which one are you trying out today!? 

Love, T 

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