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I did a little Q & A in my "Projector Project" Facebook Group and I wanted to share with you guys! Check out the video, or read my answers down below!

1.) Being a projector feels disempowering at times. How can you strike a balance between going after your dreams and waiting for invitations? Also how do you manifest as a projector? How can you take inspired action if you have to wait for an invitation?

I felt the exact same way when I discovered I was a Projector, because I’m also an Aries and I love to take action (as well as I have my own business!!) So the first thing to understand is that being a projector is actually A HUGE blessing in disguise! You can absolutely still have EVERYTHING you desire in terms of huge dreams. Instead of feeling disempowered about invitations think of it as the EASIEST way ever to manifest. Others have to keep taking action and “throw spaghetti” at the wall to see what sticks. We get to conserve our energy and don’t have to keep throwing things out there. The invitations that come are the only things we have to discern between!

The other thing is, and Baila was so right- you don’t need to permission  or an invitation to create whatever the heck you want. You don’t need an invitation to follow those nudges and inspired actions! A huge part of being a projector is sharing what we LOVE. A really good things that I learned from Jenna Zoe is the only thing we need an invitation for is sharing our gifts when it is directly involving others. And that just means, don’t start analyzing or giving advice to people who haven’t asked for it. But- creating courses, putting out things you love on instagram, starting a podcast- THAT is all you just showing up and sharing what you love. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is like reaching out to people and asking to be on THEIR podcasts, etc You are free to share share away with what you love, and the right people will find you and resonate with you, and invite you! *Example of how this worked for me in the video.

In terms of inspired action- go for it - as long as it isn’t directly involving others who haven’t asked for your advice. Like, you wouldn’t go to a talk and then get up on the stage uninvited and share your piece, because that would be repelling & needy energy. But when you stay in your light and shine- you’ll be invited to share more than you ever imagined!

And, manifesting as a projector is the same as any other type! (It just gets to be easier for us, I personally believe!) Set your intentions, live in the frequency of your desires being done, and follow the nudges and impulses that come to you!!

I think the best way to know how to move forward as a projector in terms of inspired action is “Would I do this regardless of the outcome?” Because if you are doing it to make money, or as a means to an end- you aren’t in alignment. But if you are simply sharing and putting out what you love - you will find it comes back to you tenfold! I’ve totally done this in my own life in terms of creating things I love and selling them. Everyone that follows me on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest has “opted in” to my energy and you can consider it an open invitation. So I just share and know that the right people will purchase my offerings and I run a very successful projector friendly business this way!


2.) As a projector, do others ever feel like people don't know the "real" them? Like we have so many interests and thoughts and ideas, but don't always share? Any tips?

I totally get that. I find that the best way for me to do that is to share with people who have “opted in” to my energy ie: instagram stories, instagram posts are my favourite, as well as podcasting. You are free to share what you love, you just don’t want to go around giving unsolicited advice (even though you know exactly what they should do, and you are totally right lol).

3.) I guess I feel frustrated about being tired and pushing myself. I have spent my whole life pushing past my supposed weakness. How do I come to terms with accepting the limits of my power?

Omg, I so get this. I am the queen of pushing and pushing myself to exhaustion. First all of, this isn’t a weakness— this is a blessing and there are ZERO LIMITS to your power! You’ll see that once you let go of the pushing and realize that you can live in alignment with being a Projector- EVERYTYHING COMES TO EASILY TO YOU! When you are  think you have to “push past” your weakness- you aren’t allowing the universe to do it’s job! So, rest more. Play more. And TRUST more because the universe totally has your back and it gets to be so easy and fun when you are a projector. I mean, what could possibly be better than showing up and doing what you love and then getting massively compensated for doing that!? I think being a projector is really about leaning into FAITH that all the invitations will come in perfect timing.


4.) I really want to understand "wait for invitations". I get that I should never push sale on someone and the "bigger" things. I get confused about the things in the middle. Don't know if that makes any sense... but what around friends or family? If I for example see the things happening in the world right now in another way than they do for example, should I wait for them to ask me how I think - or should I just share?

I mean, here’s the thing. You can really do whatever you want. I’ve been on both sides where I share my opinions without being asked, but I found it just creates a whole bunch of resistance and bitterness. When I just sat back (and continued sharing my energy to those who opted into it) now my friends ask me all the time for my opinions. Think of yourself as a wise, wise Yoda. Your silence is actually so powerful and draws people into ask your opinion. But when we share without being asked we typically repel people and then are ignored, which creates that bitterness which is our not self theme.

Know that you have the answers, and the perfect people will ask when you if you can be patient long enough for them to come to you!

I hope this was helpful! If you are a Projector and searching for more like minded Projectors, come join us in the Facebook Group!

Love, Tara 


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