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Think of it as your Manifesting NETFLIX.

The Membership is your gateway into self development, spirituality, manifestation, fitness, and so much more. 

Download the app, and have unlimited access to guided meditations & hypnosis recordings, manifestation courses teaching you to how manifest money, find soulmate love, and create whatever it is you desire in this lifetime!

The Membership is a community of those who want more for their life, are ready to manifest on repeat and see just how good life can get.

Tapping, with a Twist!
Combine the extremely effective power of EFT Tapping with 2.5 minutes of movement in my 6.5 minute TAPFIT Videos!

You'll be taken through two rounds of tapping to address a specific issue - combined with a one song "workout" to pattern interrupt and move the energy.

These sessions are absolutely life changing and so powerful for changing the brain!

There are currently 60 tapfit videos available inside. 

[Including a 10 day Dream Body TAPFIT Challenge which will take you through all the common intuitive eating pitfalls and blocks around your dream body and rewire your brain for success and ease!]

Done-For-You Daily Mindset Work
Every single day, you will find a new journaling prompt or activity that takes ten minutes or less to complete. This is your done-for-you daily mindset work that will keep you on track with your goals. Each month is based off a specific self development book, or the teachings of an expert in their field. I read the books, and break it all down for you in a beautiful PDF that you can print and follow along with each day. The current DMD's inside the Membership are:

*Mindset & Manifestation Principles: My process of manifestation broken down into 30 days of journaling prompts and mindset work.
*Abraham Hicks Month:
The absolute legends of manifestation and 30 days of journaling prompts and links to their work. 
*Mental Resilience:
A month of challenges to develop your mental resilience based off the book "How to be comfortable with being uncomfortable" by Ben Aldridge.
*The 30 Day Money Challenge: A collection of the most powerful insights I've had over my money manifestation journey and based off Joe Vitale's work.
*The Code For The Extraordinary Mind: Based off the book by Vishen Lakhiani that greatly influenced my mindset journey!
*Human Daily Mindset Design
30 Days to dive into absolutely every part of your human design chart AND how to apply it for results.
*21 Day Super Attractor: Based off the amazing book by Gabby Bernstein- filled with amazing insights and exercises to ignite your magnetic manifestation power!
*The Power of Positive Energy: Based off the book by Tanaaz Chubb- develop your positivity muscle and apply it to creating your dream life!
*Letting Go & Flow: A month of inspiration and guidance from everything that was resonating with me at the time
*Rich As F*ck:
The Money Queen Amanda Frances teaches us all about manifesting that money and I break down her book + Money Mentality Makeover course for you!
*Clicking into Consciousness:
Based off Eckhart Tolle's work and the Greatest Secret- take you spiritual awakening next level with this guidance around clicking into your consciousness.
*The Productivity Project:
Become the most productive person your know based off the book by Chris Bailey.
*Unleash Your Inner Money Babe:
Based off Kathrin Zenkina's popular book and exercises!
*Manifesting Miracles + Magic:
Based off Richard Dott's work on mindless manifestation.
*Change your Brain with NLP:
Using Neurolinguistic Programming to change your brain and see amazing results.
*Dream Life Creation: 
Based off the incredible Katrina's Ruth's work who will kick your butt with motivation and get you started on your dreams!
*I Can Make You Rich: 

Based off the world renowned hypnotist Paul Mckenna's best selling book. Filled with exercises and guided meditations/tapping as well.
*Weekly Download:
popular Livestreams + PDF's all about my most current manifestation obsessions!
*Tara's DMD x 2:
Monday Meditation, Tuesday Tarot, Wednesday Wisdom, Try It Thursday, and Facetime Fridays!
A 25 day Advent Calendar of 5 minute daily manifestation videos and prompts to start creating magic!

This is the best way to make the most of the Membership, simply by committing to the DMD each day! 

Guided Meditation & Hypnosis Recordings
At the time of writing this there is an extensive variety of 98 guided audios on every topic imaginable, with new added occasionally.

There are also powerful sleep reprogramming tracks so you can reprogram your subconscious while you drift off to sleep- of my favourite techniques!

Easily accessible anywhere, anytime on your phone inside the App.

Put in requests inside the Facebook Group and get meditations created just for you!

Making more money starts with your mindset.
Master this inside my variety of money courses and workbooks that will have you manifesting money like you never have (I've had a client manifest $150,000 in 30 days!) and feel rock solid in your relationship with your bank account.

Ready to take things up to the next, next level?
QLW starts with Activating Your Quantum Code where you enter the matrix and re-program your mind. Then, dive into an entire week of next level videos and daily exercises that will have you leaping out of your comfort zone and into your next level life. 

There is also a Quantum Leap Week 2.0, another 7 days of high vibe videos and content designed to take your life next level, fast.

And the latest edition of QLW is a tapping version with 11 incredible tapping videos to completely quantum leap your life!! 

Ready to end self sabotage and procrastination for good?
My clients rave about this 30 day challenge that will take you from procrastinating to productive in any area, in just 10 minutes a day! Inside this mini course is video lessons, calendars, and the whole process outlined for you. 

Want to spice up our workout routine?
I was previously a personal trainer & nutritionist and have created an extensive library of workout vidoes for you! They support ALL levels, complete with 2-16 Week schedules all laid out for you. I've got you covered with daily fun workout challenges that are suitable from beginner to advanced. The best part? All workouts can be done at home with just bodyweight! There are also options for dumbbells, TRX, and bands if you have them available.

In need of some inspiration?
There are currently approximately 50 Livestreams available for you to dive into on a huge range of topics! Listen on-the-go about all things mindset, manifestation, human design and so much more. 

I also have The Manifestation Summit where you have access to hour long chats from incredible leaders- Align By Design's Amy Elizabeth, Hypnotherapist Lynnsey Robinson, Manifestation Teacher Emma Burgess, Monat Millionaire Chelsea Coleman, Love Guru Crystal Irom, & Business Mentor Taylor Lee.

There are also many 3 Day Livestream events dedicated to specific topics which include some of my most POWERFUL work! Think of it as mini crash courses on a wide range of topics such as manifesting your dream business, love + relationships, EXPANDED training [elevating your energetic signature] and more! 

A morning routine that will change everything!
Having trouble fitting in your self-development and mindset work? The 5am Club will give you the motivation, structure and schedule to make sure you are squeezing in one hour towards your best self every day! Workouts, mindset work, growth and learning all towards because the happiest, healthiest version of you. 

Included is a 66 day Mix + Match schedule, a private community Facebook Group, a breakdown of the book, and 9 Book Club audio's detailing the highlights from the book and my thoughts!

Let Love In!
If you haven't heard my crazy love story- I manifested my soulmate and got engaged within 2 weeks. I've outlined the process I used inside Intentions with Tara, created a PDF called Manifesting Your Match, and a 7 Day Love and Relationship Challenge to call in love, or improve current relationships! I also have a 3 Day LOVE Event that will transform your perspective and results to let the love in!

Manifesting the money, dream car, dream job, and dream home is cool- but we all know the most important thing in life is the people we surround ourselves with. I feel SO lucky to have cracked the code to an incredible marriage, amazing friendships and a life that I pinch myself and tear up thinking about almost daily. 

Plus so many more goodies inside
 I couldn't fit everything on this sales page! I also have teachings on Crystals & Tarot cards, Vision Board Workshops, Morning Routines, Human Design, Monthly Intention Setting, EFT Tapping, and workbooks galore to help you get into alignment, find peace and gratitude, and get crystal clear on your vision.

As I continue to create, I love doing free offers and video teachings every month. You can expect new content each month such as challenges inside the Community, riff drops (inspirational audios uploaded weekly) tapping videos, meditations and more.

The Membership is my gift to you, to help you create whatever your dream life vision is- you will find everything you need inside to make it happen!


Sign Me Up!


Tara's membership has completely transformed my life.

I know that sounds a tad woo, but I mean, seriously. Since joining I have been able to help my family by bringing in close to $100k despite not having a paying career (I am a stay at home mom) by changing my money mindset thanks to her teachings.

I have done a complete 180°on how I view my body and am well on my way from overweight and frumpy to feeling sexy, powerful, feminine and slim.

My mental health though has been the biggest transformation. Her meditations, hypnoses and rampages have helped my mindset SOOOOO much. I no longer feel the weight of depression that I have suffered for almost 8 years. Yes, I also saw a therapist, but Tara taught me how to surround myself with a different energy to help me reconnect with the old me. And I really missed the old me. She literally pours her heart and soul into the membership and it 100% shows.

I don't think Tara realizes how powerful the work that she does is. Not only is she helping me change my life, but because of me feeling better, happier, and physically and mentally healthier, I am able to help those around me change theirs too.

I 10000% recommend the membership and have told many friends and family about it. I promise, it it so worth it. 


I LOVE Tara’s content—love it! I was so excited when she decided to create a membership platform. I’ve purchased a number of products from different coaches and the thing is, all of them can tell you the same information about manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Manifestation isn’t a secret, but finding the right person to guide you on your journey can make a huge difference.

It’s cool to drive your dream car or have a designer closet (and you can 100% have those things!) But what originally drew me to Tara is that she is living proof that it is possible to manifest things that money can’t buy. She has manifested weight loss, her soulmate, and her best friend to name a few!

With the membership, you get the tools to make your own daily practice: daily mindset design, meditations, workouts which have been SUPER while gyms are still closed here in NYC, and access to the Facebook group (where Tara posts and comments all of the time) with regular livestreams, plus tons more!

Tara is an all around wonderful person. She gives you all of the tools to create the best version of yourself and offers her guidance along the way. She is there for you and wants to see you succeed!


I found Tara and her teachings through her friend Lauren, and I can say with full confidence that I am SO HAPPY I did.

I first took her Happiness Frequency course, and became utterly hooked to her content. Her membership is a blessing in disguise, she has content for every mood, question and direction of manifestation possible.

I have been apart of the membership since February, and I have only made a small dent into all of her content, and she continues to update it with new content - so it is EVER-GROWING.

She has some amazing meditations that I listen to daily - I only recently realized I have been favoring a few meditations, so I started to branch out and try new ones - because she has 42 OF THEM AND COUNTING, because a new one comes out weekly...

What can I say.. I'm hooked, it's worth every penny and a great investment!! Especially, if you are wanting to binge on content, take a few months hiatus, or dip your toes into so many new practices, because it's always there, and only continues to grow!


If you want to uplevel your life, bring more positivity into your life and learn about manifestation, Tara’s membership is the place to be!!

She has so much value in it, so many trainings, chats and meditations and puts her heart in everything new she is adding in.

I especially love her daily mindset design where she puts together a program for you every single month!!!

Don’t hesitate to join the membership, it truly has the power to change your life!

Plus Tara is just such a beautiful human being, always authentic and full of light and love!


The meditations and and hypnosis are worth their weight in gold! If you want nothing else out of this membership (though you'd be missing out), these alone would be worth the cost of the membership.

I have never found anything else that resonated so well, brought so much peace and clarity, and made such huge subconscious shifts in my life than using these every day has.


Tara’s membership contains a wealth of high-vibe tools. From courses such as Quantum Leap Week to powerful meditations and hypnoses as well as workouts, it’s a one-stop-shop to design aligned mindset and manifestation routines.

The Daily Mindset Design is a great way to inform self-exploration and awareness when you feel uninspired to journal or just excited to geek out. I love it! And the live videos are always great, as Tara answers personalized questions and they almost take on a masterclass format.


This is such a comprehensive, yet easy to use website. It is so well organized with unreal content. It is everything you need to work on your body, mind and soul. It is worth the membership just for the 10 minutes a day mindset challenge. All you need is 10 minutes a day to change your life dramatically. The content for this membership is so worth it. Try it for a week, and you will be hooked!!!


This is just the BEST membership!! Once signed up you'll be thanking Tara for having this available to you. Its worth way more than the money you pay. The Daily Mindset Design is incredible. That course alone is worth the money given how much amazing content is in that. Tara puts so much time and love into it. Then you have all the other incredible content and courses! You won't be disappointed for signing up you'll just be disappointed you didn't do it sooner!


I am in love with the Tara Brunet Mindset Membership! I am on the membership site every single day, whether it’s for the guided meditations, a workout, a course, or the amazing monthly mindset designs that offer a new challenge and learning opportunity every single month. I have access to every resource I could possibly need to do my mindset work every day, and it’s all served up on a gorgeous, easy to use website that instantly raises my vibe as soon as I log on! I’m so grateful for this membership, thank you thank you!


A comprehensive resource of all things manifestation! There is something here for everyone. I first joined the membership for the intuitive eating and dream body content, but I was drawn to the money mindset and literally manifested $3,000 in days of starting the challenge, without even trying. Tara is a beautiful soul and is there to support you in building the life of your dreams. Thank you Tara for creating this gift for us! 💜


There is so much content in this membership it’s unreal! The Daily Mindset Design each month is amazing and I feel like a totally different person to when I first signed up - I feel so happy and abundant. The workbooks are gorgeous, the layout is brilliant and so easy to use and Tara just keeps adding more amazing content! There is content for so many different topics so you can really tune into what you are wanting to focus on which is perfect. This is seriously worth more than what Tara is charging. Give it a go for one month and I can guarantee you’ll stick around.


I am absolutely loving the daily mindset design challenge. You can tell it is well researched and is so helpful to do. I love the metabolism meditation and do that every day. There is everything you need in the membership if you want to work in your mind - it’s there. If you want to work on manifestation- it’s there. Your body - it’s there. The membership is basically the full package x


I’m loving everything too - especially the daily mindset It’s the highlight of my days and leaves me feeling inspired and enthusiastic. I’m excited and determined to work harder this week to fit it in and the workouts so I can catch up before July. Loving it though ❤️❤️ Also really excited to have access to the meditations. It really is great Tara!! I also love that you engage here with us - it’s what draws my attention back and re-motivates me to make the time for myself because it feels like a supportive and fired up community is forming and  being a single mom, community engagement is something I’m lacking!


I just wanted to let you know how much your membership has helped me go from being bored out of my mind for months on end to being excited again! I login everyday or so and watch old livestreams you’ve done or challenges. Your positive energy and easy going personality always increases my vibes for the day! You are doing such an amazing job I am so happy for you!!!



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