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Hello beautiful friends!!

Can you Quantum Leap into your dream body? A Quantum Leap is a massive jump, far beyond the next logical step. As a previous personal trainer and nutritionist- I would never promote attempting anything drastic in order to lose weight in a short period of time. But, as a mindset and manifestation coach- I fully believe that you can see Quantum Leaps in your body WITHOUT having to do anything drastic at all!

In Quantum Leap Week (Which you can join the entire week FREE here). I taught all the steps of Quantum Leaping, and one of them was taking a big scary action, and a few people had trouble with that in terms of dream body. Some people went out wearing tighter or brighter clothes than they normally would. That is an amazing option, and I believe it will be so helpful in really owning your body and knowing that no one cares what you are wearing and the only judgement is coming from YOU!

The only caveat of that is, you to have an outfit or one or two items of clothing that you feel incredible in NOW!!

A big mistake that I see a lot of women in my dream body course make is waiting to fit back into their skinny clothes, and then wearing uncomfortable too tight clothes all day.

When we are looking at this from a manifesting perspective, you are basically bringing attention to everything you don’t want! If you put on clothes that are too tight, and don’t make you feel great- all day long you are running the narrative of “I need to lose weight, ugh I feel fat etc” and this isn’t helping you get to your dream body!

You want the narrative to be as close as possible to “I’m cute! This top really highlights my eyes, I feel so pretty!”.

So, an action step that I would recommend is definitely go out and get yourself something that makes you feel amazing NOW.

And I know, that can be annoying if you are like, “But I’m going to lose weight and then have to throw that out!” But think of how much money you’ve spend in the past on weight loss programs, books, courses etc. Put your money towards cute clothes, or make up etc that make you feel like a bad ass and you will see the weight melt away! It’s pretty crazy. (And you can always sell them later!)

I remember when I was 35lbs heavier and I finally just said FUCK IT I was so tired of trying to fit into clothes that didn’t quite fit and then feel “bigger" all day. So I clearly remember, going shopping and buying some clothes that fit my new body (and you may think that this seems backwards- if I just accept it then how am I ever going to change? And this is the biggest paradox of manifesting your dream body- once you finally accept it, the change becomes effortless!!!!! (And this applies to everything) There is so much I can say about this but I have an 8 week course all about this that dives deep into every single thing so I’ll leave that for now.

But it totally shifted how I was showing up. I was getting dressed in the morning and feeling CUTE. I was more confident. And funnily enough those clothes didn’t fit for long, and then the ones I was trying to squeeze into for so long are falling off me too.

All because I just decided, I’m never going to diet again, I just want to feel GOOD.

I’ve had many clients who have had the same experience.

Something else I wanted to mention is that rock bottom is actually a GREAT place to be.

When we keep forcing and forcing through the only path that we can see, and failing and getting more frustrated and then hit rock bottom and throw our hands up in the air and say “OK, I GIVE UP. GOD/UNIVERSE HELP”

The reason this is great, is when we hit rock bottom and ACTUALLY surrender- the universe FINALLY has a chance to show us a million other ways that our gaols can come true!

A great analogy would be a fly in a room. It’s trapped and banging against the window. It’s struggling, forcing, and will literally die against that window from pure struggle- when if it just turned out and saw the open door, it could fly out effortlessly in 2 seconds.

WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES. We are the fly. When something doesn’t work, we try harder. We hustle. We exhaust ourselves in effort. We do everything we can think of- but the thing is that we AREN’T LOOKING AT ALL THE OPTIONS. We aren’t seeing the open door. We try the next diet, and the next, or a new workout routine- when all we really need to do is chill TF out! 

So for Quantum Leaping your dream body- start by creating who that version of you is (who is already in her dream body) and step into it, which is forcing you to do things differently. You are already opening up your view of the room, but you may not see the fully open door yet.

So the next step, is practicing complete surrender and acceptance.

So how do you do this? A lot of you are not going to like this answer, but I want you to journal on, and ask yourself "If this was my body for the rest of my life, and it wasn't going to change (up or down) how would I learn to love and embrace it?"

When you can get to the place of complete and total acceptance of your body, things can happen quickly- because you no longer have resistance!

You have to remember with Manifesting, the more you come from a place of needing or wanting, the more you create a lot of resistance. You've GOT to learn to be happy right now, and things will be SO MUCH EASIER! 

See if today, you can just allow- and follow your intuition. What do you want to eat? How do you want to move? What feels good?

See if you can let of all "shoulds", all reasoning - and open yourself up to limitless possibilities. Stop banging your head against the window, and flip around to do something almost completely opposite!

That brings me to the next topic, biology of belief.

Our belief is incredibly powerful. In fact, I have "become what you believe" tattoo'd on my forearm! 

This concept changed my life! More so than what you think, your BELIEFS are shaping your future reality- but the good news is, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking.

Whatever you believe to be true, is what will continue to unfold for you. So you want to take a good hard look at your beliefs.

An example of this that relates to dream body is I sat down and wrote down all the beliefs I had:
“I’ll always struggle and feel out of control with food”
“I’ll always be binge eater”
“Weight loss is hard”

etc. Of course that is what continued to show up for me!!

When I had that mind blowing realization of the beliefs I had- or another way of putting it is the story you are telling- I then had the power to shift it.


What is your instant reaction about your body? The dominant vibration that you feel around that topic? Also, a good thing to notice is what is the FEELING in your body when you think about your body?

The instant FEELING you have around those topics are such huge keys into working out if you have some negative limiting beliefs blocking you.


What’s the feeling/belief/story?
Is that 100% true?
What is a better feeling thought?

And then the work comes in after you bring awareness to those old thoughts, you can then recognize them when they come up and choose a new thought. I’m always asking myself “What is a better feeling thought?”

If you want some homework today, wrote down your gut reaction/belief around your body and see what comes up!


But that is actually an amazing thing, because you have the power to shift it!


SO- for Quantum Leaping your Dream Body, your daily process is:

1.) Do some sort of high vibe ritual that puts you into that state of feeling great - 10 minutes or so. 

2.) Get clear on what your dream body feels, and looks like (and see it in your minds eye) and how the 2.0 version of you “is”

3.) Consistently think, feel, act as the 2.0 version of you

4.) Take scary action that excites you!

5.) Bring awareness to your feelings, and thoughts throughout the day and come back to 2.0.

Have a fabulous day!! 



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